“Help Me Write,” an innovative AI writing assistant, has been launched by Google Chrome. Designed to revolutionize how users create and refine content on the web, this tool leverages the power of Google’s advanced Gemini AI model, expanding the “Help me write” functionality from Gmail to a wider internet audience.

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This feature is tailored for a broad spectrum of writing tasks, including drafting emails and generating content for social media or websites. Users can activate the AI for content generation or text refinement by right-clicking any text field and selecting “Help me write.” It shines in producing short-form content such as reviews or survey responses, showcasing Google’s dedication to boosting web-based productivity and creativity.

Currently in its experimental phase and available solely in English for Windows, Mac, and Linux users, “Help Me Write” can be accessed through Chrome’s “Experimental AI” settings. Its potential to change our digital text interactions is vast.

Google outlines specific guidelines for using “Help Me Write,” advising against its use for creating medical, legal, or financial advice and cautioning users against entering personal information. Google reaffirms its commitment to user privacy, ensuring that entered data is not used for model training.