Clubhouse, the live audio app that captivated millions, has unveiled a novel feature that transforms text messages into voice messages, rendered in the sender’s personalized voice. This groundbreaking functionality aims to enrich the user experience by adding a more personal and dynamic touch to text communications.

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The latest update from Clubhouse allows users to train an AI with their voice, enabling them to send text messages that are converted into voice messages, mirroring the sender’s unique vocal attributes. This feature is particularly useful in situations where vocal communication is impractical, offering users the flexibility to convey messages without compromising the personal touch of their voice.

The app now supports group voice chats reminiscent of Instagram Stories, where members can exchange asynchronous voice messages. The new text-to-voice feature builds on this by providing an alternative for users who prefer or need to communicate via text, ensuring the conversation retains the intimacy and immediacy of a live chat.

According to Clubhouse’s announcement, the AI’s ability to replicate a user’s voice is remarkably accurate, requiring only a brief training session with a few phrases. However, the AI currently falls short of perfectly mimicking nuances such as laughter, suggesting users might want to reconsider typing ‘hahaha.’

For users hesitant about recording their voices, Clubhouse offers an alternative option to generate a voice through its text-to-speech model. Although specifics were not disclosed, this feature likely relies on advanced text-to-speech technology to provide a seamless and engaging user experience.

This innovative feature is initially rolling out in the U.S., marking Clubhouse’s latest effort to regain its footing in the competitive social media landscape. Despite facing challenges, including user attrition and financial hurdles, the company remains optimistic, fueled by its recent ventures into AI-powered enhancements aimed at fostering easier and more engaging conversations among friends.