In a groundbreaking development for the machine learning industry, Baseten, a company founded in 2019, has announced a significant boost in its quest to revolutionize the deployment and scalability of AI technologies. With a fresh injection of $40 million in funding, Baseten is set to accelerate the adoption of machine learning across various sectors.

Baseten’s cofounders are (from left) Amir Haghighat, Tuhin Srivastava, Phil Howes and Pankaj Gupta. (source: Baseten studio)

Since its inception, Baseten’s mission has been clear: to simplify the integration of large-scale machine learning models into business operations. The landscape of artificial intelligence has evolved rapidly, witnessing the mainstream adoption of large models such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, and open-source alternatives like Stable Diffusion, the Llamas, and Mistral. These advancements underscore the growing need for robust, scalable solutions to manage AI workloads efficiently.

However, deploying these large models in a production environment remains a daunting challenge for many businesses, bogged down by the complexities of acquiring computing power, optimization, and maintaining operational efficiency.

“Every part of the problem is difficult, cumbersome, and expensive: acquiring compute, getting models to run fast, scaling to meet demand, observability, CI/CD, cost optimization — the list goes on. When handling it all on their own, most teams spend as much time running models in production as they do focusing on the core product experiences they are building. This doesn’t make sense. Just as we saw new categories of tools emerge to support the transitions to cloud and mobile, we need new solutions built for the problem at hand.”, explained co-founder Tuhin Srivastava.

This is where Baseten comes in.

The company has meticulously crafted a platform that exemplifies performance, scalability, and reliability, allowing businesses to deploy their machine learning workloads effortlessly, either on Baseten’s cloud or their own. With features like Truss, an open-source standard for serving models in production, and world-class autoscaling capabilities, Baseten has redefined the ease with which developers can bring AI-powered products to market.

2023 was a landmark year for Baseten, scaling inference loads by hundreds of times without a single minute of downtime. Esteemed companies such as Descript, Picnic Health, Writer, Patreon, Loop, and Robust Intelligence now rely on Baseten to power their core machine learning operations.

The recent funding round, led by IVP and Spark, with participation from existing investors like Greylock, South Park Commons, Lachy Groom, and Base Case, marks a significant milestone in Baseten’s journey. This financial endorsement not only validates the company’s innovative approach to machine learning deployment but also equips it with the resources to expand its offerings further.

Looking ahead, Baseten is poised to introduce a slew of new features, including multi-cloud support, enhanced integrations, and partnerships with leading cloud providers like AWS and GCP. This expansion aims to provide customers with unparalleled flexibility and performance for their AI workloads.

“This new round of funding gives us the room to move even faster on building the thing that we have always wanted and know needs to exist.”, emphasized Srivastava.